18 NOV 2018 ~*`

wew lad.... just spent a few hours fixing how this looks on most resolutions!! smaller screens will have a bad time but that's okie for now. things should be consistent!! i'm also continuing work on my about me page. the guestbook is finished, but it feels silly to publish that as my first completed page hehe. soon!!

14 NOV 2018 ~*`

hellow again! i'm spending a lot of time on my about me page. coding is starting to get very confusing at some points. i've come to the conclusion that this site will never be mobile-friendly lmao. i just gotta keep learning!! :determined!!: oh also my job fell through cuz of incompetence of my employer whoopz. u_u

2 NOV 2018 ~*`

woa!! it's been a lil bit. i took a sabbatical as i did lots of Thinking and got a job!! it's low-key and creative and very purrfect for my life rn. but back to the party: i drew n animated an 88x31 button for all to use on their sites!! i also wanna make one with a light outline color. i have a few ideas for the first party chats. strangely, the first published page will likely be my guestbook. to be continued =0_0= .....

30 SEPT 2018 ~*`

i drew myself right up there!! ^^^ i'm still not used to having short short hair; half of the drawing was spent digitally cutting the mermaid hair i gave myself oops haha. oh no, i just realized i didn't add my glasses!! 0_0; it's okie tho!! maybe another time

28 SEPT 2018 ~*`

i tweaked very minor coding today for a more pleasing aesthetic! i started drawing floaty doog but hit a creative wall... it's ok tho!! n_n

27 SEPT 2018 ~*`

okay, so i've sorted out the iframe for site updates!! the rest of the night will probably be messing around with fonts, gradients, n just the general ~feel~ of everything :3c this is fun!!!

25 SEPT 2018 ~*`

i've made an update log! hooray!! i have to make a table to put this in though! :0 hmmm...